Three fundamental reasons cause the birth of Magictantrasex:


1.- The full participation of the couple in the activities

erotic-festive; activating the role of women, both in sexual practices and in the consumption of sex, until they acquire a paradigm of total equality.


2.- Being therapies that promote sex with love; eradicate with its disclosure or stop as much as possible the humiliating, aggressive and vexatious treatment suffered by some and some professionals in the sexual field, as well as non-professionals.


3.- Everything that happens in the sequences of porn movies should be fiction or pure interpretation. As real as the scene seemed. Although it was fun to try to imitate it, it should not be taken as a requirement or conditioning, when looking for a partner or perform some practice in privacy. With love and playing everything goes better.


Already out of the closet all social groups.



"Only we were missing."


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