Tantric Darkroom:

Complying well with its instructions, it is a most exciting game. Ideal to break the ice and cross the barriers of shyness.

It raises the pulsations and allows you to live the moment, evading the mind.

Yoni & Lingam Tantric Massage:

Tantric massage is like a roller coaster of sensations for the body.

It elevates the energy vibration, allowing to transmute muscular tensions and mental blocks.

Tantric visual:

A visual contact will be the perfect conductive thread, for the transmission of the most intense and deep emotions.

Projected caress is the essence of bodily love in its fullness.

Tantric Auditory Fantasy:

In both men and women, the largest sexual organ is the brain. One of the shortest ways to stimulate it is hearing. Let yourself be carried along the paths, which will transport you to the movie of your choice.

Quantum Tantric:

Using quantum physics for the transmission and reception of caresses, feelings and emotions is a procedure, which today is a current issue among our young people.

With the help of a professional it is as simple as it is harmless. One of the best preambles before coming to contact.

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