Far from thinking that tantric sex can become boring or unrealistic, we have created Magictantrasex. A set of recreational activities, with which to transmute sexual energy into positive, without having to be a scholar in the field. (With the help of a professional).

In addition to being a great hobby, it meets all the conditions for obtain the

same benefits as with traditional tantra: Liberation of the mind, source of pleasure, relaxation, balance and harmony, rejuvenation, libido enhancer, prosperity, inner peace and spiritual healing. In other words, it is a pleasant, fun and exciting way to redirect our vital and sexual energy towards the roads that will materialize our projects and dreams.

Tantra is the only spiritual discipline that gives freedom and free rein to our imagination and fantasies, using sexual energy to project it for our own benefit.

Now Magictantrasex gives you the opportunity to practice it in privacy; both as a couple and in a group, special events, private parties...

"Make your meetings a new experience."


"Discover your sexuality again as something beautiful, novel, mystical and very special."


"Light the flame of your life again."

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